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New Canaan Society

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Summary: The Society meets annually and shares the presentations on its YouTube channel. Curt Thompson’s presentations linked below were particularly insightful about the topic of shame. Curt Thompson’s presentations on shame were helpful in growing my understanding of its dynamics … Continued

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The Bible Project

Videos by the Bible Project   Summary: The Bible Project is a crowd-funded non-profit, creating videos that walk through the narrative of the Bible, book-by-book and theme-by-theme. Visit for more resources.   The Bible Project produces well-animated and explained … Continued

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Grow Up

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Grow Up! from Hosanna Church on Vimeo.     Summary: Lead Pastor Ryan Alexander – David was a shepherd boy, a brother, a son, a husband, and a King. He was a man God said was “after His own heart.” … Continued

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The Tribes We Lead

A video by Seth Godin Summary:  In Ministry and in life, men’s leaders are struggling with how to get men connected. Entrepreneur Seth Godin explains how our world is desperate for tribes and something to belong to. Challenge status quo … Continued

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A Video by Lutheran Church of Hope

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Why Bother with the Bible?

A video by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson   Summary: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson provides a logical argument in this video on why we should continue to study and research the Bible. In his argument, he discusses the historical impact that we … Continued

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Why Should Guys Participate in Bible Study?

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  A YouTube Video by Project Twelve SUMMARY: Why do so many men’s ministries really advocate for men to get involved with a small group Bible study? Join Mark Lubbock as he explains the benefits of a Bible study or a small … Continued

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Bold At Home

  A YouTube Video by Lutheran Men In Mission SUMMARY: Listen to Lorne Hlad, Jacqueline Bussie, Robert Johnson, and John Armstrong lead a panel discussion on what it means to be bold at home with our faith at the 2017 Bold … Continued

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Bold in Our Testimony

A YouTube Video by Lutheran Men In Mission SUMMARY: Pastor Lorne Hlad speaks on being Bold and Daring with our testimony at the 2017 Bold Gathering in Minneapolis MN. Modeling what it means to give a testimony, Lorne shares of the … Continued

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Bold and Daring In The World

A YouTube Video by Lutheran Men In Mission SUMMARY: Pastor Robert Johnson speaks on being Bold and Daring in the World at the 2017 Bold Gathering in Minneapolis MN. Coming from years of pastoral ministry, Robert’s passion is helping the church … Continued

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