A Video by Lutheran Church of Hope


Summary: Pastor Mike Housholder from Lutheran Church of Hope preaches about the importance of friendship. This video covers a lot of ground on defining friendship from Christian perspective.

To define friendship, Pastor Housholder points to John 15: 14-15. In these verses, Jesus addresses His disciples as His friends. The word Jesus uses to define friendship is “Philos”, which is Greek for a deep friendship. Philos isn’t described as an acquaintance, bur rather as a brotherly love.


In a Philos Friendship, Pastor Housholder states you must be:

  1. Present
  2. Grace-based
  3. Christ-centered
  4. Loyal
  5. Honest


Use Cases: Watch this video individually or in a group setting to reflect on your personal friendships or small group relationships.


Questions to Consider: Do I have a group of core friends I share my life with? Who are my core friends?


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