Gathering (Choose one)

1 .Consider your professional journey—whether in sports, business, construction sites, factory, or owning your own small business. Recall a time you had a boss, a competitor, or a co-worker try to take advantage of you. Consider Scenario 1 or Scenario 2:

  1. When did you first realize this person was taking advantage of you?
  2. How, if you were king for a day, would you like to make things right with this person?

2. From when you were a teenager or young adult, share an experience of someone cheating you. How did that make you feel?



Genesis 25-27 introduces Jacob’s trickery. His twin is Esau, the firstborn. Esau gives away his birthright of property and forfeits his father’s coveted blessing. Jacob scores big here. Their mother Rebekah feared the competition between Jacob and Esau could end tragically. Esau could murder Jacob over his loss, or at least avenge himself, “an eye for eye.” Rebekah would then lose both sons. So, she sends Jacob to Haran to be with Uncle Laban. Jacob falls in love with his cousin Rachel, the younger and more beautiful sister to Leah. He commits to seven years’ labor for Rachel’s hand in marriage but Laban, by trickery of his own, switches in the veiled daughter Leah into the marital bed with Jacob. This deceit led to seven more years of Jacob laboring for the wife he really wanted, Rachel. Now with two wives, the deceived has been deceived, which is where we pick up the story.


God’s Story

Have someone read Genesis 31: 1-21, pausing with each dramatic turn of events, drawing in listeners.


Finding My Story in God’s Story

3. In this story with many twists and turns, where do you see yourself—as deceiver or the deceived? As boss or employee? As father-in-law or son-in-law? How so?


4. What made Jacob finally decide to leave?

    1. Laban’s growing hostility became unbearable.
    2. God told him to return to his earthly father, Isaac.
    3. He was bored and wanted to make it on his own.
    4. He wanted to get back at Uncle Laban.
    5. He was tired trying to satisfy two wives.
    6. Some combination of the above or Other_________.


5. What is God the Father telling us here?

    1. With deception and trickery, what goes around comes around.
    2. Having two wives is not right (especially if they are your cousins).
    3. Must obey God at all costs.
    4. Accumulating great wealth is not always what you think it is.
    5. Do not sweat the small stuff.

6. How would you justify Jacob not telling his uncle the reason for going AWOL?

    1. Laban had it coming to him.
    2. Rachel and Leah felt degraded.
    3. God the father called him home.
    4. Believed he was above the law.
    5. Other __________.


Our Story

7. When facing tough decisions about leaving a job or a relationship that’s not working out, what would you normally do?

    1. Weigh the pros and cons.
    2. Ask God for help.
    3. Claim, “Woe is me”.
    4. Talk to a friend or priest.
    5. Have a stiff drink.
    6. Other __________.

8. What situation are you avoiding today? Any that God is asking you to confront, instead?

    1. Children being combative.
    2. Spouse not listening to you.
    3. Working from home vs. going to office.
    4. Fear of the unknown.
    5. Other __________.

9. How can this group help you in prayer to take the next steps mentioned above? Close your group time drawing on the lifeline of prayer for one another.