Our Mission

Project Twelve exists to be a place for men to find resources that will help them become better men, fathers, husbands, and leaders.


Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes we need resources like some short videos, books, or podcasts to help us in a particular life stage. Relationships. Kids. Jobs. Health. And we can’t forget to mention our Hurts, Habits and Hangups.

There are resources here to help.


Part of being a man is reaching back and offering a helping hand to those coming after us. Regardless of age, there are many men who are gifted at teaching on a variety of subjects, especially when it comes to faith.

There are resources here to learn from.


If we are not growing, then we are probably not breathing. We can grow in beneficial ways, but also in detrimental ways. As committed Christian men, the men of Project Twelve desire to help men grow deeper in their identity in Christ.

There are resources here to help you grow.


It started on a patio. Two men sat there talking about what God was doing in their lives and ministries. Diverse in more than just age and geography, these two men discussed how building men was not a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach There was a desire expressed to gather a group of effective men’s leaders from all over the country to share what God was doing. This was the beginning of the A-Team.

Fast forward to 2014, and over 25 men gathered in the midwest at a retreat center to learn from each other and celebrate how God was working in their lives to change their communities. One of the outcomes of these conversations was to gather a list of great faithful resources to point men towards to help, teach, and grow.

The Project Twelve concept emerged. Twelve guys following Jesus. Twelve months in a year. Perhaps this group could help men follow Jesus year round like the original twelve guys did. Welcome to Project Twelve.

The A-TEAM (aka the Men’s Advancement Team )

Urban. Rural. Traditional. Avant Garde. Big Church. House Church. Liberal. Conservative. Black. White. Hispanic. Spiky hair. Gray hair. There is no single label for the men who make up the A-Team. There is a unifying passion to step into men’s lives with the hope of the Gospel, and journey alongside men.

Louis Tillman
Chicago, IL

Luis Reyes
Dallas, TX

Mike Maulick
Phoenix, AZ

Joe Davis
Minneapolis, MN

Todd Maudlin
Reno, NV

Tyler Jensen
Berkeley, CA

Mark Lubbock
Baton Rouge, LA

Jason Adams
Las Vegas, NV

Vic Williams
Reno, NV

Andrew Potsko
Seattle, WA

Steven Hoyle
Lincolnton, NC

Jeff Butcher
Lexington, KY

Joel Martyn
Olympia, WA

Dave Holden
Lexington, KY

John Wolf
Bryan, OH

Tim Crout
Lexington, SC

Dave Long
Oak Creek, WI

Jim Schieble
Columbus, WI


This group works to support the A-Team in their vision for changing men’s lives. These men work behind the scenes to keep everything in motion.


Columbia, SC
Husband. Father. Artist.
Kevin is all in when it comes to not leaving men where he finds them.


Des Moines, IA
Brother. Grace-Junkie. Spiritual Father.
Spending his days in healthcare, Kyle knows how important soul care is a man’s overall health.


Chicago, IL
Husband. Father. Ministry Leader.
Passionate about equipping and leading men, Doug has spent 25+ years helping organizations reach men.


As thought and opinion leaders in their own professions and ministries, our consultants believe in the mission of changing men’s lives, and join the A-Team and Project Twelve when their schedules permit to help be catalysts for future opportunities.


Author. Consultant. Student of Culture. John is a consultant to churches and national organizations, teaches courses in lifelong faith formation, conducts workshops across the U.S., writes and conducts research on lifelong faith formation.


Pastor. Church-Planter. Author. John’s passion is to equip leaders for unity in Christ’s mission. Besides his writing ministry Dr. Armstrong is an adjunct professor of evangelism, teaches in various seminaries and colleges as a guest lecturer, and is a seminar and conference speaker throughout the United States and abroad.


Author. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Wes seeks to move men from silent and broken lives to the company of men where conversation, spiritual friendship and a life filled with friends and brothers define and complete God’s purposes for them.