Grow Up! from Hosanna Church on Vimeo.



Summary: Lead Pastor Ryan Alexander – David was a shepherd boy, a brother, a son, a husband, and a King. He was a man God said was “after His own heart.” While David was a model of Godly maturity, he was not perfect. In this series, we’ll take a look at David’s example from the innocence of youth, to facing a giant, to the missteps of adulthood, and the grace that allows him to experience restoration and to leave a lasting legacy.


Use Case: Use this video as a parenting resource for parenting boys.


Questions to Consider? What does it mean to possess Godly maturity? What can we learn from David about getting back up again after we fall? How do we remain child-like, but not childish? We’ll explore these questions and take some life lessons from David as we grow up.


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