A book by Robert Garfield, MD


Summary: Dr. Garfield describes how the isolation that most men live with affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. In three parts: Men’s Friendships Today, Friendship Fundamentals and Spreading the Wealth, you will learn the history of male friendships, how men do friendships to and you will receive tools to help yourself and others develop healthy friendships.


Amazon Description:

For much of the past century, men have operated under the rules of Male Code, a rigid set of guidelines that equate masculinity with stoicism, silence, and strength. But as men’s roles have changed, this lingering pressure to hide their emotions has wreaked havoc on men’s lives and relationships, making them more likely to suffer from depression, anger, and isolation. Robert Garfield has worked with men struggling with emotional issues for more than forty years. Through his Friendship Labs—clinical settings in which men engage in group therapy—he teaches men how to identify inner conflicts, express emotions, and communicate openly. 

In Breaking the Male Code, Garfield examines the unique challenges men face and urges them to abandon Male Code in favor of a masculinity that integrates traditional male traits with emotional intimacy skills. Drawing on real-life stories, original research, and his firsthand clinical experience, he shows how close friendships can serve as the foundation on which men can build and sustain deep relationships with all of their loved ones and in turn lead happier, healthier lives.


Use Cases: Use this book for your personal growth. This book will also inform leaders in developing ministry with men.


Speed Bumps: Some viewers may not agree with the secular approach of this book.


Questions to Consider: How do I view masculinity; what descriptions come to mind? How do I view femininity; what descriptions come to mind? How can a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics be healthy?

Additional Resources: Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships by Geoffrey L. Greif