Lent Devotion – Unity

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Last summer I was part of a life-changing event. The group included Orthodox Christians as well as Lutherans, Roman Catholics, protestants and non-denominational folks. They were liturgical and charismatic. Politically they were left… right and moderate. The differences were many … Continued

Unity Pt. 5

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“…we find unity in the midst of our diversity that we truly begin to reflect the Kingdom of God.”   #unityV #Lent2019  

Unity Pt. 4

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How have you seen Christians showing they are unified?   #unityIV #lent2019  

Unity Pt. 3

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Are you living so other’s see Christ in you?   #unityIII #lent2019  

Unity Pt. 2

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“…thrive as many, in one.” #unityII #lent2019  

Unity Pt. 1

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How are you called to unify beyond your “correct-thinking”?   #Lent2019  

Your Church Is Too Small

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A book by John H Armstrong SUMMARY: In Your Church Is Too Small, John Armstrong shows that Jesus’ vision of Christian unity is for all God’s people across social, cultural, racial, and denominational lines. REVIEW: Every once in a while I read … Continued