Book - Your Church Is Too Small

A book by John H Armstrong

SUMMARY: In Your Church Is Too Small, John Armstrong shows that Jesus’ vision of Christian unity is for all God’s people across social, cultural, racial, and denominational lines.

REVIEW: Every once in a while I read a book I wish every Christian I know would read. This is that kind of book. Your Church is too Small is clear, prophetic, practical… and true. If you pray for reformation, renewal and revival in America and the world (and I do daily) this book is the place to put legs on those prayers. You will be shocked, irritated and stirred deeply… and then you’ll rise up and call John Armstrong blessed for having had the courage and call to write it and for me for having the wisdom to commend it to you.’ — Steve Brown, President and teacher, Key Life Network, Inc

USE CASES: Leaders should read this for personal and professional growth. Organizational boards may find this helpful when working to unite organizations in a community.

SPEED BUMPS:  Some readers may not come from the same theological corner as the author.  Some readers may take a different approach to Christian unity.