1. If you had to take on an animal’s life for 30 days, what animal would you want to be? What draws you to that animal?


The nation of Israel had traveled toward the Promised Land (Palestine area; their original homeland; centuries earlier) for many years, after leaving Egypt. After conquering many foes, and peacefully passing by Moab, they were now poised on the plains of Moab to take over the “Promised Land.” However, their size and presence caused huge stress for the Moabite king (Balak). This story unfolds with the Israelites completely unaware that a spiritual struggle was going on around them.

God’s Story

Read Numbers 22: 1-35. Have several people read short portions, since it is a long passage.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. If you could interview Balaam on your podcast, what would be the first TWO questions you’d want to be answered?

    1. How did you know God was speaking to you?
    2. Why did you want to go meet Balak when God said not to?
    3. How much money would you have needed to go curse the Israelites?
    4. Isn’t it embarrassing to have your donkey have to tell you what to do?
    5. Other __________.

3. As you scan this entire section of the Bible, how would you describe Balaam?

    1. Even though he was not an Israelite, he understood what God was saying.
    2. He looks to me like a prophet who was out for profit.
    3. He really did want to do what was right but was scared.
    4. He was determined to get to Balak’s reward, no matter what.
    5. Other __________.

4. Why do you think God finally allowed Balaam to travel toward Balak, then stopped him with an angel’s sword?

    1. To let him discover that the reward he desired really wasn’t worth it.
    2. It’s just confusing to me. It seems that God can’t decide what to do.
    3. To get Balaam in the proper spiritual place to speak truth to Balak.
    4. To scare Balaam into following God’s direction.
    5. Other __________.


5. Whom did you last call an “ass” (maybe under your breath) because they spoke truth into your life, that you didn’t want to hear.

    1. My spouse, when I was being a jerk.
    2. My boss, when I wasn’t working well on the job.
    3. My kids, when my temper was out of control.
    4. A confidant, when I was going against God’s direction.
    5. Other __________.

6. When do you find yourself struggling to hear what God might be trying to tell you?

    1. When I don’t want to know God’s will, I prefer what I’m doing.
    2. When I’m just plain confused about what’s happening in my life.
    3. When it seems that God is too far away to care.
    4. When I get too busy with all my stuff and my devices.
    5. Other ___________.

7. What helps you break through the struggle to “hear” from God? How do you listen best?

    1. Going to a quiet place in nature where I can meditate.
    2. Taking time to read the Bible more.
    3. Talking to a friend who will be honest with me.
    4. Praying without much talking, asking God to speak to my mind, taking notes.
    5. Other ___________.

Our Story

8. When did you hear from God today in the group discussion? Who shared “God’s word meant for you”? Thank them for being a channel through whom God speaks.

9. On the path that lies ahead for you, where do you need to pay attention to what God may be saying to you through “donkeys”—detours, delays, or other unexpected channels?

10. As you go about seeking to hear “God’s voice” this week, how can the group help?

    1. Remind me that when I don’t hear him, God is still there, and he is not silent.
    2. Remind me to pay close attention to God in Bible studies and church worship.
    3. If I’m not paying attention, please stop me in my tracks and speak the truth.
    4. Be that grandkid who takes my face in hand and turns it for undivided attention.
    5. Help me connect the “dots” (detours, delays, disappointments) to notice “God-moments”—more providential than coincidental.
    6. Help me see “God’s fingerprints”—circumstances that reveal God’s hand in my life.

11. How else can this group help you hear God’s voice more clearly?

Briefly pray silently for the person on your left regarding what they have shared.


Group leader close with this blessing: “May you each recognize that God loves you and is always close to you. May you walk in the Spirit’s peace each moment of each day. AMEN.”