As a young boy, how did you save money? What did your parents teach you about money?



A “talent” was originally a unit of weight but became standard for the highest denomination of currency. It took the common laborer 20 years to earn one talent. The delay in this day of reckoning hints at a delay in Jesus’ return. Parables, such as this one, teach us to wait for the Second Coming of Jesus the Master. To invest what we have been untrusted with—whether that be the Law, the Gospel, or individual abilities—that is the best way to serve the Master until he comes again. Such faithfulness is rewarded with a changed relationship with the Lord.


God’s Story

Read Matthew 25: 14-30. Imagine yourself sitting on a mountain, listening to Jesus tell this story.


Finding My Story in God’s Story

Which servant do you relate to most in this story? When have you acted like each of the servants?

  1. Servant given 5 talents, risk taker?
  2. Servant given 2 talents, good investor?
  3. Servant given 1 talent, concerned with losing it all?
  4. Someone else?

How do you act toward someone when they are a ________?

  1. Harsh taskmaster?
  2. Power broker?
  3. Generous friend or boss?
  4. Other ________?


In this parable, Jesus is telling us what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. He is saying that those that have a lot will be given more.  How do you feel when you hear this?

  1. No big deal. I don’t deserve anything.
  2. I was afraid that might be the case.
  3. That isn’t fair!
  4. Bring it on – sounds like fun!
  5. Other __________.

Jesus uses the actions of the servants in the parable to describe our human nature. What do you want to do when you hear yourself described like one of the servants in the story?

  1. Take action and try to be a better person
  2. Defend myself – I’m not like that!
  3. Take a deep breath and accept the feedback
  4. Other __________.


Our Story

Describe how you struggle with a scarcity mindset in any of the following areas. How does this story impact your beliefs about …

  1. Time?
  2. Money?
  3. Love?
  4. Other __________.


Faithfully serving our Master is not just an abstract idea with an indefinite or nonexistent day of reckoning. It’s a way of life that is accountable to our God and responsible for spiritual things.Based on this parable, how will you better allocate one of your resources (time, talent, treasure) in the next week?  And in the years to come?