1. How do you react when told to do something you’re not excited about, nor want to do?

  • I shut down and don’t do anything.
  • I try to give the job to someone else.
  • I do it, begrudgingly.
  • I actively work to sabotage it.
  • Other _________.


2. Do the answers above vary with who’s asking or instructing you—say, your boss, your spouse, or your coach? How so?



Jonah, a minor Hebrew prophet, hears God calling him to Nineveh, an avowed enemy of Israel. Jonah is to “cry out” about the wickedness there in the hope that the Ninevites might repent and come to know the God of Israel. However, Jonah chooses not to follow God’s call. Instead, he tries to get as far away as possible. We have yet to learn why Jonah was running from God’s call (that comes later in the 4-chapter book that bears his name). But here we see what happens when someone tries to escape God’s will for his life.


God’s Story

Read Jonah 1:1-17. Have one group member be Jonah, one be the narrator, and the rest play the part of the sailors. (Or, for a less dramatic reading, just have one person read.)


Finding My Story in God’s Story

3. Where do you see yourself in this story?

  • Like Jonah—I’m running away from what I do not want to do.
  • The fishermen—I’m caught up in things I don’t understand.
  • The captain, I’m terrified but willing to go down with the ship.
  • The Ninevites—I need someone to correct me when I’m off course.
  • Other _________.


4. How do you think you would react if God told you to do something that required you to leave you comfort zone, such as reconciling with an avowed enemy?


5. Compared to Jonah, when you realize you’ve made a mistake how easy is it for you to own it and admit it?

  • I find someone else to blame and toss them overboard.
  • I’m sure I’m right, but I stop talking, not wanting to compound the problem.
  • I doubt the wisdom of my decision but hide out and hope it blows over.
  • I’m like Jonah, ready to admit wrong and pay whatever consequence to fix it.
  • I’ll plead, “No contest” or “Whatever” and try to duck the full consequence.


6. Recall a difficult decision—say, in a relationship or career choice. What helped you make your choice? Did you seek advice from someone else? Who?


7. How do you feel about following God somewhere you don’t want to go? What would stand in the way? What might you say?

  • No way! My family and friends need me right here.
  • Not now! I have a great life, and I’m not ready to give that up.
  • Wait! I need to think and pray about the decision, make sure it’s of God.
  • Ready to go! But only if others come along.
  • Sign me up! I’m ready—with no reserve, no retreat, no regret.
  • Other _________.


Our Story

8. In response to something difficult you sense God calling you to do, what steps are you willing to take this week or next?

  • Have a conversation with __________.
  • Pray for __________.
  • Ask a friend or mentor for help.
  • Dive into __________.
  • Other _________.


9. After reflecting on Jonah’s story and listening to your group, where is your attitude getting in the way? What lifeline of help or hope do you need? Who will you ask?


10. Pray for one another in your group. How else can this group help you take that next step this week?