What has been your experience with jail?

  1. I like the view from the outside, when visiting someone.
  2. Yes, I once enjoyed that taxpayer-funded “three hots and a cot.”
  3. I was threatened with jail whenever I would …
  4. The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, or another jailbreak movie.
  5. Other __________.



Our story for this week revolves around jail and an earthquake, from prison to praise. On their second missionary journey, the apostle Paul and his sidekick Silas land in Philippi, a Roman colony, then they land in jail. Jail is the unjust and unforeseen consequence of stirring things up as they seek to plant a church. The Church at Philippi would become a beachhead for advancing the gospel in Europe.


God’s Story

Read aloud Acts 16: 16-40. Pause whenever dramatic action or a question calls for that. 


Finding My Story in God’s Story

Where do you find yourself in this story?

  1. The slave girl—telling fortunes and making money.
  2. An angry vendor—minding my own business, until Paul meddles in it.
  3. A curious bystander—wondering what’s going on with this chaos.
  4. Silas—wondering why I ever signed up to join Paul on this trip.
  5. The jailor—afraid of all the supernatural events going on here.
  6. Other __________.


If you were prosecuting the case that landed Paula & Silas in Jail, how would you make your case?

  1. No good deed goes unpunished.
  2. You reap what you sow, and Paul was sowing chaos.
  3. We cannot have someone speak against our Roman way of life.
  4. I’d call witnesses from those who lost marketplace share due to Paul’s preaching.
  5. Other __________.


Of the choices facing Paul & Silas, consider the ones you also face. Where are you on this spectrum of making decisions: Like Paul or Silas?

  1. I’d decry the torture–not suffer in silence like Paul & Silas.
  2. I’d defend myself from false accusations–not submit to authorities.
  3. I’d play the citizenship card with all its rights and privileges.
  4. I’d protest injustice—not worship God, singing hymns.
  5. I’d escape when the earthquake frees me—not stay behind to spare my jailor.
  6. I’d let the chips fall where they may—not intervene in others’ lives.


When treated or accused unfairly, how did you react?

  1. Sing my favorite hymns and praise God regardless of circumstances.
  2. Polish my breakthrough testimony, as I pray things eventually go right.
  3. Insist on my civil rights and consider a wrongful action lawsuit.
  4. Bear witness in public to those who persecute or prosecute me.
  5. Other __________.


What would you have said if someone came up to you, asking, “What must I do to be saved?”


Paul & Silas responded peaceably and positively when they had every right to protest and complain. Where could you set a similar positive example? Who would you potentially impact?


Our Story

Name some fruitful ways your group could impact your community for good—financially, physically, and/or spiritually. What is your role in that proposed gospel activity?


Pray for one another as you take “next steps” to be that lifeline that others (identified in questions #8 and #9) can depend on.