1. Consider the stuff you’ve collected over the years that fills up your house—family heirlooms, old papers, pristine souvenirs, unidentifiable photos, tools of your trade, even stamps, coins, or fine art. You can’t take any of it with you at death, so what might happen? Consider Scenario 1 or Scenario 2.
    1. That one-of-a-kind, coveted item your family will fight over because it can’t be shared or split up.
    2. Those cherished items—each with an accompanying story to be shared.


Previously, in Luke 11:1–12:12, Jesus has been teaching on prayer, inviting his followers to boldly ask God the Father for whatever they lack. Jesus then casts out demons with the miraculous power of God, not Satan, as his accusers allege. As the crowds grow and demand more miraculous signs, Jesus warns of judgment to come on those who yearn for prosperity and deny justice to the poor. Jesus calls out Pharisees and other legal experts of that day for their hypocrisy in misapplying the Law, persecuting the Prophets, and failing to recognize Jesus for who he was. In an apparent admission of Jesus’ authority to discern and do what is right, someone brings a legal matter to him….


God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Luke 12: 13-21. As you eavesdrop on this legal dispute, try to empathize with Jesus who clearly wants no part of it. Also try to empathize with the brothers who have turned to him after turning on each other.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. Where are you in this story—asking the question, or observing how Jesus handles this situation?

3. Under what circumstances, or for what reasons, would you ask your teacher or mentor to intercede for you on a disputed matter?

    1. Validating my need or rights to something.
    2. Wanting to heal a damaged relationship.
    3. Seeking various options that I had not discovered.
    4. No such appeal, as I always get what I want.
    5. Other __________.


4. As the person initially asking this question, what are you thinking or feeling?

    1. I’m comparing Jesus to previous prophets, rulers, or teachers of the law.
    2. I don’t want to get cheated; I deserve half the inheritance.
    3. I’m not concerned about money, but rather morality; I want justice.
    4. Because of my great respect for Jesus, I will unequivocally accept his answer.
    5. Other __________.

5. How would you change your behavior to follow Christ’s teachings and be “rich toward God”?

    1. I’d put less stock in my “having more” for the future and give more to help others now.
    2. I trust that God’s grace is sufficient to make up for any future deficit or injustice.
    3. Foolish choices in my past haunt me, so now I must __________.
    4. With no worries for this earthly life, my focus is on what happens after death.
    5. Other __________.

6. Imagine you are newly rich, with more than enough to live on. What would you then do?

    1. Sail around the world in 80 days.
    2. Ask God to partner with me on a new adventure in faith.
    3. Make a planned gift to my parish after I die.
    4. Use my assets to feed hungry, homeless veterans in the city.
    5. Other __________.

7. How does the saying “Eat, drink, and be merry” (Luke 12:19) set with you?

    1. This is my money, so I get to use it anyway I see fit.
    2. Given this largesse, I’d invite strangers into my home to regularly feast.
    3. I’d never stop praising the God and Father who has blessed me.
    4. Yikes! I cannot take it easy here and now—what about the future?
    5. I remember and regret the last time I spent a long night of drinking and merriment.


8. If told, “Fool, your time is up in the next 24 hours” (paraphrase, Luke 12:20), what would you do?

    1. I’d listen to Jesus who commanded us not worry.
    2. This test of my trust in God is one I dread because __________.
    3. I’d gather other believers to pray with me in the end.
    4. I’d keep reading God’s Word, looking for an escape clause in the fine print.
    5. Other __________.

Our Story

9. After reading this story, imagine a time when you had an abundance. What did you do with it?

10. Given the warning Jesus issues, what next steps might Jesus be asking you to take this week?


11. Close your group time in prayer. Pray about next steps identified in Q #10 and other concerns, perhaps those identified in Q #5, #7, #8.