1. When did you experience a turning point in your life that set you off in a whole new direction?
    • When you left home for school, the military, or a new job.
    • When someone gave you an insight that changed the way you thought or acted.
    • When a relationship developed, changed, or ended in an unexpected way.
    • Other __________.


For centuries the Jews hoped that God would send them someone who could restore their nation to the greatness it enjoyed when David was king. Far from being a powerful nation, by Mary’s time, Israel was under the oppressive rule of Rome. In this tension between hope and reality, Mary, a teenager, has an encounter that changes everything for her… and all of us!


God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Luke 1: 26-38.

Finding Your Story in God’s Story

  1. Try to stretch your mind around being an unwed, teenage girl who lived 2200 years ago! If you were Mary, just going about your business and suddenly an angel dropped, how would you respond?
    • I’d panic.
    • I’d ask a lot more questions!
    • Hey, find somebody else for this job.
    • I’d swallow hard and say “OK.”
    • Other __________.


  1. In this passage, Luke introduces us to Jesus, the main character of the book. How does the way the angel’s description of this baby compare with the way you imagine Jesus to be?
    • Words like throne, reign, and kingdom are more political than how I talk about Jesus.
    • I don’t understand what “the Son of God” means.
    • I don’t really know what I think about Jesus.
    • Other __________.


  1. Mary doesn’t know much yet about what’s happening and what all this will mean for her. How would you summarize her response in verse 38?
    • She has amazing faith that it’s all good.
    • She’s too scared to push back.
    • She’s shocked and doesn’t know what to say.
    • Other __________.


  1. Of all the names or titles ascribed to Jesus in the Bible, which one or two have especially shaped how you relate to him?Which ones don’t make sense to you?


Some examples: Savior, Lord, Friend, Bread of Life, King of Kings, Brother…


  1. For Mary this news about Jesus radically impacted the rest of her life. In what ways does the story of Jesus affect you now?
    • I think it’s changed me because…
    • I’m not sure it has affected me because …
    • It used to be important to me, but now it’s grown stale because…
    • I see him as important but am not sure what to do because…
    • Other __________.


  1. Mary undoubtedly had to make choices about what to do next after this announcement.What is a next right step for you to take as you try to make sense of what Jesus is about?


Our Story

  1. As you reflect back over your responses to the two questions above, what are a couple ways this group can help you take your next right step this week?
    • Pray for me, please!
    • Send me a reminder text in two or three days.
    • I’d like to have lunch with _______ to talk further.
    • I’m just grateful for this supporting group today.
    • Other __________.


  1. In silence, everyone pray for the person on your LEFT and the “next steps” they will try to take this week. Alternately, pair up with one another and pray about each other’s “next steps.”