When you got hurt or injured as a child, how did your parent or guardian usually respond? Give an example.



After God allowed Satan to destroy Job’s family and possessions, Job was visited by three friends. The friends assumed that Job must have done something bad if he was having trouble in his life. So, they berated him and tried to talk him into cursing God. But though Job argued with God about his troubles, he never would curse God—always believing that God would bring good out of his troubles. As we see in this story, God did bring recovery to Job and reprimanded Job’s friends for not believing that Job could be a godly man, even when facing trouble.


God’s Story

Read Job 42:7-17. Watch for God’s response to each of the “players.”


Finding My Story in God’s Story

1. If God called you into this story to deal with Job’s friends, what would you do?

  • I’d start cursing and give them a piece of my mind.
  • Sit them down and ask them to repent of their bad behavior toward Job.
  • Send them to ask Job for forgiveness.
  • Ask them to write a blog about why bad things can happen to good people.
  • Other ________________ .


2. As the creator of Mideast Shepherd’s Podcast, who would you want to interview from this story? What two big questions would you want to ask them?


3. Why do you think God made the three friends go back to Job with a sacrifice?

  • To embarrass them.
  • Because they had mistreated him.
  • Because God was angry with them.
  • So Job could prove he was right by interceding to God for them.
  • All the above.
  • Other _________________ .


4. Notice that Job’s family members and other acquaintances show up for dinner after his troubles are over. Where do you think they were when he was in trouble? Why?

  • Hanging out at the park—not getting involved in his mess.
  • Hiding—in case the same bad things would happen to them.
  • Gossiping about Job—we know that bad things only happen to bad people.
  • Feeling sorry for Job—just don’t know how to help.
  • Other ________________ .


5. We know that not all our troubles end with getting a great reward for what we’ve lost. So, what encouragement do you get from this part of the story.

  • God hasn’t given up on me, even in my pain.
  • Chances are, I’ll not ever understand some of the trouble I experience.
  • I can know that my trouble is not sent by God.
  • Never listen to friends who try to distract me from God.
  • Other _______________ .


6. If you could tell God (argue with him) about what you want to have done in your life, right now, what blessing would you need from God?


Our Story

7. Let all group members sit in silence for ONE minute. Think about TWO blessings that God has brought into your life for which you want to express gratitude. Share your answers around the group.


8. What have you gained/learned today from your time in this group?


9. Pray together as a group, for God’s blessing to fulfill the needs expressed in #6.