1. Describe a time when you were punished for doing the right thing or blamed for someone else’s mistake. How did you feel being singled out? Were you able to rectify the situation?


Job is a very wealthy man who has endured having all his possessions—oxen, donkeys, sheep, and camels—taken away, as well as related servants put to death. In this first test, Job also loses all his sons and daughters in a tornado-like disaster. Still, Job worships God with integrity and without reservation despite his many painful losses. Thwarted in his efforts to undercut Job’s unswerving allegiance to God, Satan again appears among the angels roaming the earth, this time to see how much physical suffering Job can endure. This time, Job will curse the Lord to his face—or so Satan thinks. And here’s the kicker: As Job suffers, he does not know why, who, or what is behind it all.

God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Job 2:1-10.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. Imagine you are a marriage counselor sitting in on the discussion between Job and his wife. What would be your first word of help for them?

  1. Way to hang in there, Job?
  2. Job, you’re not really helping here.
  3. Job, why don’t you listen to your wife?
  4. Would you two please stop arguing?
  5. I don’t think I’d say anything yet…I’d just watch and listen.
  6. Other ___________.

3. If you found yourself face to face with the Devil, how would you react?

  1. I would say to him, “Nice Halloween costume!”
  2. I would run in fear of his evil presence.
  3. I would look him in the eye and tell him, “You have no power over me!”
  4. I would drop to my knees and pray for the Lord to protect me.
  5. Other ___________.

4. When has your spouse, child, supervisor, or best friend said something accusatory about you, that you knew was wrong? How did you approach the situation?

5. What is your reaction to Job’s acceptance of yet another difficult trial?

  1. I cannot believe he was okay with the pain afflicted upon him.
  2. I am confused as to why God (or the Lord) would let Satan use Job to test his obedience.
  3. I am mad at God for taking so much away from one of his most devoted disciples.
  4. I am in awe of Job and humbled by his undying acceptance of God’s plan.
  5. Other ___________.

6. When has God challenged your faith?

  1. At work when dealing with difficult co-workers.
  2. When my favorite sports team loses the game.
  3. On the road when driving amongst “stupid” drivers.
  4. When he suddenly took a loved one from me (due to illness or accident).
  5. Other ___________. 


7. What do you need to change in your life, if anything, to cultivate “Job-like” trust in the Lord?

Our Story

8. How can this group help to strengthen your faith and fulfill God’s call on your life?

  1. Lead me to more Bible passages that explain how God’s followers never doubted his will.
  2. Lead me to Bible passages where God’s followers did doubt and how he proved them wrong.
  3. Pray for me.
  4. Tell me a real-life story where your faith was shaken and how you still accepted your
  5. Other ___________.

9. Who do you know that has had their faith shaken? Pray for them. As you pray, ask God to show you how you could helpfully respond this week, with the aim of restoring their trust in the Lord.