1. Tell us about your first paying job. What did you learn there that you carried into your next job?

2. What big job change challenged you? What were your thoughts about that change or challenge at that time?



Earlier in his hometown of Capernaum, Simon Peter witnessed Jesus’ power to heal people and cast out demons (Luke 4). Peter even witnessed Jesus heal his mother-in-law (4:38-39). Our current story finds Jesus teaching a crowd near where Peter and his business partners are cleaning their nets after an unsuccessful night of fishing. It is likely that he heard much of what Jesus had to say. Not mentioned by name in Luke’s account is Andrew, Peter’s brother, who introduced Peter to Jesus (John 1:40-42). Andrew likely witnessed all of Jesus’ healings, along with Peter, and was Peter’s fishing partner, along with James and John.


God’s Story

Read Luke 5: 1-11 with one person being the narrator, another Jesus, and another Peter.


Finding My Story in God’s Story

3. How do you think Peter felt when Jesus first requisitioned his boat for teaching purposes?

  • “Man, I’m tired, don’t bother me.”
  • “Wow, gladly, after what you did for my wife’s mother.”
  • “Can’t you just wrap up your teaching from the shore.”
  • “This guy has something going for him. I need to find out more about him.”
  • Other __________.


4. Although Peter agrees to Jesus’ next request—to row out to deeper waters and let down the nets—what might Peter be considering before doing so?

  • His own physical exhaustion.
  • His hunger for a good breakfast.
  • Jesus’ demonstrated powers.
  • His curiosity about what Jesus will do next.
  • Other __________.


5. What do you think ran through Peter’s mind before he confessed his sinfulness and asked Jesus to go away

  • “I don’t deserve this bountiful catch of fish.”
  • “I’m not holy enough to be with Jesus.”
  • “If this carpenter knows this much about fishing, what else can he do?”
  • “This guy is scary good at everything he does; that scares me.”
  • Other __________.


6. What did the fishermen do in response to Jesus’ call to follow him—and why?


7. What do you think was the net effect of these guys changing jobs and leaving home, all at once?

  • A big fallout with wife and other for family for making a unilateral decision.
  • Impact on other business partners, who are left holding the bag (or nets).
  • Resellers and clients impacted by this sudden interruption in their supply chain.
  • Having to learn a new profession on the fly—one that I know nothing about.
  • Wondering what “fishing for fish” and “fishing for people” have in common.


Our Story

8. Peter recognized his own fallenness, witnessed Jesus’ miracles and heard his unique teaching before dropping everything and following Jesus to learn how to fish for people. What has God done that has caused you to change course? Or, what are you still looking for God to do that would motivate you to change?


9. Some people think that they must become a preacher or a missionary to follow Jesus. Do you agree—or not? Why?


10. How would you describe “following Jesus” to someone else?


11. Who outside this group needs you to serve them this week, before the group meets again?


12. Pray (in your group, and on your own) about the next steps and people involved in questions #8 and #11?