1. Who is your favorite superhero – in which movie? Provide some reasons for your choice.


The Book of Judges records the ups and downs of the twelve Israelite tribes after their successful invasion of Canaan led by Joshua and powered by God’s presence. After Joshua died, the next generation soon forgot the promises made by their parents to keep the Ten Commandments, especially the first, “You shall have no other gods.” The Israelites mingled with the pagan tribes in the land God had given them. Their children intermarried and worshiped foreign gods. They broke their promises to God, so God removed his protection. The Israelites suffered each time they abandoned God. But every time they begged for release, God sent them a hero, called a judge, to lead their resistance and get them back on track. Samson was one such judge. He was not a military leader like Othniel or Deborah, but a strongman whom God raised up to torment the Philistines, who were tormenting Israel at the time. Hair symbolized his strength. It was the mark God gave him to show God’s power. Samson was impulsive and saw himself as invincible. This story recounts the first step toward his fatal end and becoming the ultimate tool of God’s wrath against the Philistines.

God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Judges 16:1-22.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. In your imagination, follow Samson around on his escapades. What report would you give your Jewish Sports Edition editor about Samson’s behavior?

  1. He is so intimidating and has amazing brute strength.
  2. He’s really clever, always finding a timely escape route.
  3. I’ve never seen such subterfuge (“now you see me, now you don’t”).
  4. He can sure pour on the charm while manipulating everyone.
  5. Other ___________.


3. Recall a time when you competed with someone else. Did you prevail? Describe those feelings.

  1. Actually, I usually lose. Makes me sad.
  2. A competitive wrestling match. Winning feels good.
  3. A brawl with my brother or sister. We finally made up.
  4. A schoolyard fight with a bully. He had it coming.
  5. Man-on-man in football’s line of scrimmage. I got pretty bruised up.
  6. Another contest of wits and strength…

4. What one or two weaknesses most capture your attention in Samson’s behavior? How do you see them exploited … by Delilah? … by the Philistines? (Less a fact question; more of a “you” question.)

5. Why do you suppose Delilah was willing to betray her lover to the archenemy Philistines?

  1. She got a great retirement check from the Philistines.
  2. She was bored with the show-off Samson.
  3. She liked watching Samson put the Philistines in their place.
  4. I can’t imagine why she’d betray him.
  5. Other __________.

6. What might Samson be thinking as he responded to this woman’s questions considering that he “loved her”?

  1. I wonder why she is so persistent.
  2. I’ll show her my love by teasing her.
  3. If I tell her my secret, she might not sleep with me.
  4. I got her now. She’ll do whatever I ask in hopes of getting the truth.
  5. Other __________.

7. What do you like, and not like, about the character of Samson?

  1. When I see what I want, I go for it; so did Samson.
  2. While he was a womanizer and a chauvinist, I like to flirt.
  3. He was a man’s man but with hippie-length hair; I’m jealous.
  4. He and I have a strong ego that can get us in trouble.
  5. He was sadly disappointed in love—so am I.
  6. He had a secret superpower meant for good, so do I….
  7. Other __________.

8. This question may be hard to answer, but try to think about ONE OR TWO parts of Samson’s character that you see in yourself? Do you see them as positive or negative character traits?

Our Story

9. Ask another group member where they see God’s gifting in you—that is, what some would call “a superpower.”

10. Share with the group how you’d like them to support you in starting to change “negative” traits and strengthen “positive” character traits.

11. As a group, brainstorm about people or places you could serve using your respective spiritual gifts or powers. How can your group take the first step?


Pray silently for the person on your left, that God will grow them in the “positive” character traits they’ve shared and begin to change the “negative” character traits. After about one minute, the group leader will close by praying out loud.