What for you would be “leap of faith” too far?

  1. Bungee jumping.
  2. Ski jumping.
  3. Sky diving.
  4. Visiting….
  5. Other __________.


Share a personal experience, if any, related to one of the above.


God’s Story

Read the Scripture related to this story: Genesis 22: 1-19. Reread it with parts assigned to narrator and each of the speakers in this story.



God promised Abraham he’d become “Father of many nations.” This promise, introduced in Genesis 12:2-3, was renewed in tests of faith throughout Abraham’s life. Descendants of Abraham who passed similar tests would be built into the nation of Israel. Abraham being asking to sacrifice his beloved firstborn son Isaac looks like horrific “child abuse” more than a “leap of faith.” This story is predicated on the repetitious Old Testament sacrificial system and foreshadows THE story of ultimate sacrifice in the New Testament—that of another beloved son, Jesus. In Jesus we see an Isaac-type son or ram-type substitute who would be the perfect sacrifice for us on the altar. Done once for all, never to be repeated.


Find My Story in God’s Story

Abraham might be the most obedient guy ever. How far would you go to follow orders? 

  1. All in, no questions asked
  2. I’d do it, but with hesitation.
  3. Depends on who’s giving the order!
  4. I’m not sure, I have problems with authority.
  5. Other __________.


How about Isaac? What would you think if you were on that altar?

  1. Father knows best.
  2. This isn’t turning out how I imagined.
  3. I must have done something really wrong.
  4. As long as Dad is at my side, I’ll be OK.
  5. Other __________.


God knows Abraham is loyal, so why put him through this?

  1. God wants to make sure that he’s still “No. 1.”
  2. It’s all part of His mysterious grand plan.
  3. It’s good to set some expectations now and again.
  4. Only an insecure or abusive being would put someone through this.
  5. Other __________.


 What were the elements of that “Grand Plan” or Covenant Promise?


Abraham passes the test and is rewarded in the grand scheme of things—which tells you what?

  1. “Expect the worst and hope for the best” is a solid plan.
  2. Never question God’s ability to provide “on time.”
  3. Love—God’s and ours—always means sacrifice.
  4. Faith involves one test after another.
  5. Other __________.


Our Story

How does this story make you reconsider how you handle tests of faith?

  1. Passing such tests is what makes a man a man.
  2. I’m a people-pleaser and will do what’s asked.
  3. Some tests are nerve-racking,… severe,… unfair.
  4. Failing a test is never an option.
  5. Other __________.


Recall a test that left you shaken. Any leave you wondering “Huh? What just happened?”

  1. I was in physical danger, but somehow escaped …
  2. During a very trying family crisis, God seemed …
  3. When my boss made an unreasonable demand, I …
  4. When my friend asked me to bail him out of a jam, and …
  5. Other __________.


Accountability/Community/In Between

How can you say “yes” to God in your life—from now until your group meets again?

  1. Be there for my family and friends, whether or not …
  2. Show love and trust without fear of consequences when I …
  3. Trust God will provide, even when I can’t see how …
  4. Take the next test as opportunity to grow in …
  5. Other __________.


How can we support you in prayer? And who else might need your prayer in the week ahead?