Gathering (choose one or the other question)

What, if anything, do you remember from the farewell address or parting gift you received at graduation—from high school, college, or specialized trade school?


Have you ever received a gift you did not understand or appreciate until much later?  Explain.

  1. The gift of education, as I never knew what it was good for until …
  2. Every gift from a certain relative leaves me wondering, “Huh? What for” 
  3. I didn’t appreciate my father until I was much older.
  4. Yes.  Puberty. (No explanation needed.)
  5. Other __________.



Luke-Acts was originally a 2-volume work dedicated to Theophilus (“lover of God”). This mystery man was either the sponsor underwriting Luke’s ministry, a Roman official, or a literary stand-in for all those God-lovers who want more truth (Luke 1:1-4; Acts 1:1). In either event, Acts represents the sequel, or continuation, of the Gospels. This second volume is written by Luke, a physician and not an original apostle. The apostles (meaning “sent ones”) refer to the Twelve (minus Judas), who were eyewitnesses and ambassadors commissioned to extend Good News about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The gift promised by God the Father is the “baptism with the Holy Spirit”—which both cleanses and empowers for the Church’s mission, the scope of which is spelled out in Acts 2 and beyond.


God’s Story

Read Acts 1:1-11


Finding My Story in God’s Story

Where do you find yourself in this story?

  1. Like Luke, I have authored material for which I have not been given proper credit.
  2. Like Theophilus, I am curious and want to know more about this Jesus.
  3. The apostles, who were waiting and wondering and grieving.
  4. Are you kidding? This book written 2000 years ago has no relevance for me.
  5. Other __________.


Do you believe you have received the Holy Spirit, and are you a witness to others?

  1. I have not yet received the Holy Spirit, but I am ready!  
  2. If not for Holy Spirit, I could not be the witness I am today.
  3. Someone please tell me what’s up with this Holy Spirit!
  4. I’m not sure I want any part of this, because …
  5. Other __________.


As an on-the-scene-reporter for the Jerusalem Times, how would you recap this story for your readers?

  1. I’d stick to the facts: Resurrection, Ascension, Second Coming.
  2. I’d be investigating the dates and timing of the future kingdom.
  3. I’d recount Jesus’ teachings during those 40 days post-Resurrection, pre-Ascension.
  4. I’m not sure I could make much sense of what just happened.
  5. Other


Imagine you are Theophilus, the original recipient of this book. Do you find these events believable? Why or why not? 

  1. Absolutely. I have seen and experienced this power to witness.
  2. I’m not so sure. Maybe it happened like Luke said, but …
  3. No way. The Bible is full of hoaxes, rumors, and made-up miracles.
  4. I’m half-persuaded. But I need proof or evidence of …
  5. Other __________.


The disciples ask Jesus: “Will you restore the kingdom Israel now?” (verse 6).  But Jesus dodges the question and tells them to wait… then he leaves.  This leaves me feeling …

  1. Déjà vu. I too ask God questions, and I don’t get the response I am looking for.
  2. Small comfort. I’m left in suspense and must read on to see what happens next.
  3. Bewildered and grieving. Now you see him… now you don’t.
  4. Other __________.


The disciples are told Jesus will come back, but not when. How does that leave you feeling?

  1. Confident, just as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “I’ll be back!” Can’t wait for the sequel.
  2. Bewildered by Jesus’ disappearing act and wondering what I’m supposed to do now.
  3. Hoping Jesus returns in my lifetime, so I gotta plan and act accordingly by … 
  4. Doubting Jesus will return in my lifetime, so I will now …
  5. Other __________.


Our Story

I want to bear witness for Jesus. Before we meet again, I will: 

  1. Talk to my spouse about faith, about leading our kids in faith.
  2. Invite a friend or co-worker to join me at church or this Bible study.
  3. Share my faith on social media when the opportunity presents itself.
  4. Share my faith cross-culturally in my “Judea,” “Samaria” and beyond.
  5. Other __________.


The lifeline of the Holy Spirit empowers followers of Jesus who pray. Who/what will you be in prayer for this week? Pray accordingly. 


Spend time in group prayer, for your next steps as a witness identified in Question #9.