1. Imagine a time when you showed up and tried out for a very selective team (at work, in sports). Were you chosen, or not? Why do you think that was? What were you feeling afterward?


The nation of Israel had “done evil in the sight of the Lord,” so God handed them over to the Midianites. Midianites—a nation that leaned on pagan gods and offended God at every turn—plundered Israel, destroyed their homes, crops, and cattle. Midian left nothing behind for Israel to live on. God’s people were destitute, scared, and hopeless. To their credit, they cried out to the Lord for deliverance. God responded with compassion and chose a man to lead the Israelites to freedom and victory. Jerubbaal, aka Gideon, was secretly threshing grain and hiding from the Midianites, hoping they would not find him. God condescended to Gideon’s fear and faith with a timely show of fire toward the meat offering; later God rendered the fleece offering (sheep’s wool) alternately wet then dry. Thus, as told in Judges 6, a cowardly man with questionable pedigree was chosen to become God’s mighty warrior!

God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Judges 7: 1-25. As you listen, imagine those who are engaged in a similar “against-all-odds” battle today.


Finding My Story in God’s Story

  1. Where do you see yourself in this story?
    • Among the 22,000 who trembled at the prospect of war and walked away.
    • Among the 10,000 left behind by Gideon, confused—and relieved—I was not chosen.
    • With Gideon, unproven in battle, wanting to see what kind of enemy I’m up against.
    • With Gideon, but not believing his “trumpets-jars-and-torches” strategy will work.
    • One of the back-up troops, willing to join the fight once I saw we were going to win.
    • Other __________.


  1. Recall a time when you were afraid to step out but chose to face your fears and do it anyway. What was your state of mind as the time came to step forward or step back, in service to your “boss”?


  1. How are you like Gideon in this story?
    • I know God delivers his people.
    • I’ve received signs from God confirming his call on my life.
    • I’ve yet to see how God supports me in the task assigned, so I’m doubting, again.
    • I’m not from a family of great faith or rank, nor am I experienced in waging war.
    • Other __________.


  1. You are an untrained foot soldier pressed into action with an untried commander or boss, facing some fierce opposition. Which of the following would you most likely consider?
    • Praying—to anything, anyone who might be out there.
    • Thinking seriously about losing your lunch.
    • Looking for a diaper change.
    • Excited to be part of God’s army, however outnumbered
    • Wishing I had been sent home, spared from battle.


  1. Would you call Gideon obedient?… or brave, maybe courageous? Why or why not?


Our Story

  1. Knowing you will face trials and battles and overwhelming odds—even when obeying God as Boss—how does that strike you?
    • God is NOT fair!
    • I don’t understand why God would put me in such a position.
    • I guess if I must go through trials anyway, I’d rather do it with God on my side.
    • My faith is strong, I do not question the ‘Why’ when things go awry.
    • Other __________.


  1. Two thirds of Gideon’s army leaves, and God says, in effect: “Not enough, send home more.” It looks like Gideon did not challenge his “Boss” this time, but readily obeyed. How about you? Imagine a similar scary order from the top of the command structure at your work. What would your reaction be, coming into the stronghold of the enemy with essentially nothing?
    • Scared beyond belief.
    • Doubting that this instruction was really from God—likely a bad spirit or demon.
    • Curious, afraid, but willing.
    • Eager to see God at work.
    • Other __________.


  1. Gideon overcame doubt, even gained courage, in leading his band of 300 to a victory that only God could get credit for. How will you take Gideon’s example to heart the next time God calls?


  1. What next steps of faith or courage is God asking you to take this week?


  1. Prayer is one way we battle against an otherwise overpowering obstacle or opposition. How might prayer warriors, even your “small” group, join you in the power encounter you are facing? Close your time together, praying in that regard.