1. Tell us about that special object, big or small, that you just couldn’t bear to share when you were a kid, and why.


We’re early in Acts, a truly pivotal book in the New Testament. It starts with Jesus being taken into heaven after filling his apostles with the Holy Spirit and sending them out into the world to share his good news. By the time we get to this brief but powerful passage, the early church has already grown exponentially. Life would never be the same. Believers were truly giving it all up for God with great joy, sharing what they had with each other — and with anyone in need.


God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Acts 4: 32-37. Make sure it’s read slowly and deliberately to savor the message and soak up the spirit.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. Think back to a time when you were truly “in one heart and mind” with people around you. How did that play out?

  • On a big work project—our talents melded well to get the job done.
  • On a sports team—seems every move was a winner.
  • On a buddies’ trip—we still talk about the connections made.
  • At church—you could just feel the spirit blowing through the room.
  • Other __________.

3. Imagine you’re one of the disciples. How do you think you’d handle seeing strangers sell their stuff and lay the proceeds at your feet?

  • Wow, this is a huge responsibility. Can I handle it?
  • I’ve gotta figure out a way to pay them back somehow.
  • Making sure everyone has what they need: What a concept!
  • How can I sweeten the pot and pass along the generosity?
  • Other __________.

4. Why do you think the writer takes time to define what “Barnabas” means—and why do you suppose the apostles gave him that name?

  • He was an outsider who felt “encouraged” to give.
  • They knew his act of generosity would encourage others to follow suit.
  • They wanted to single him out in the story as the essence of a true believer.
  • To show that property not shared with all is property sadly wasted.
  • Other __________.

5. In Acts 4:34 we read, “there were no needy persons among them.” What kind of spiritual reaction does that stir in you?

  • I’ve always taken care of loved ones, but I can do more.
  • Sharing everything is a worthy goal, but it’s not realistic in our society.
  • It’s also about feeling included— “in need” has many layers.
  • We can all be more generous, for sure, but is that enabling?
  • Not sure I could pool all my earnings to ensure equality and equity.
  • Other __________.

6. When you realize you believe deeply in something bigger than yourself, what’s your next step?

  • I pass along the passion in any way I can. Fired up!
  • I go deeper, learn more, and hold the feeling close to the vest.
  • I’m a natural skeptic so I take a step back and let it “settle.”
  • Other __________.

Our Story

7. Communal property was a big deal in the early church. How do you see that idea playing out where you live and work?

  • Through charitable acts in whatever form, inside or outside the church.
  • Giving and sharing are always contagious; what goes around comes around.
  • I think some churches, organizations, and people are nervous about “socialism.”
  • Other __________.

8. If you’re in need for whatever reason, who’s your first call?

  • My best friend.
  • A parent or other family member.
  • My church community.
  • Other support groups.
  • A public entity of some sort.
  • Other __________.

9. In this group gathered here today, in what ways can we be even more sharing and trusting?

10. Go around the room and name a need we may have, or mention someone in need who could use our prayers and carry that prayer and mutual care into the world.