Gathering (choose either option)

  1. As you were growing up, what hard lesson did the reality of fire or gravity teach you?


  1. Tell us the story behind a bodily scar you bear.



The transformation of Nicodemus is highlighted only in John’s Gospel. This initial discussion between Jesus and Nicodemus is deep and fundamental to how a person answers the question, “What is real?” Nicodemus is a highly trained religious leader, a rabbi with high standing in the Jewish synagogue. He has heard of the miracles and teachings of Jesus, perhaps even witnessed the actual events. He is moved by them enough to seek a secret meeting with Jesus. Their discussion is recorded in John 3, which also contains arguably the most quoted Bible verse. We can even see this verse on posters carried into stadiums by a few football fans sitting behind the goalposts.


God’s Story

Have one person read aloud John 3: 1-21.  If the group is willing, read the selection again with volunteers reading the narrator, Jesus, and Nicodemus parts.


Finding My Story in God’s Story       


  1. “Put yourself hiding behind the couch, listening to Nick and Jesus. What question do you hope Nick would ask?”


  1. When have you had occasion to seek out a teacher, professor, or pastor after hours to ask questions in private that you were perhaps too embarrassed to ask in public?


  1. How do you discern whether someone is telling the truth and not selling “fake news”?


  1. How do you think Nicodemus determined that Jesus was important enough to seek an audience with?
    • He admired Jesus for teaching with such authority.
    • Only “by God” could someone do signs or miracles that Jesus did.
    • He is impressed by all the ‘buzz’ surrounding Jesus.
    • Other __________.


  1. Why might Jesus use the wind to help Nicodemus understand?
    • Everyone experiences the wind, so it is a good metaphor.
    • It is a mysterious and awe-inspiring part of nature.
    • It moves things with power, yet is invisible, except for its effects.
    • It wakes people up. You can’t ignore it.
    • Other __________.


  1. What do you think is the most important lesson that Jesus wants Nicodemus to learn?
    • You must be “born again” or “born from above”—by the Holy Spirit.
    • You must see Jesus for who he really is and follow him accordingly.
    • To enjoy intimacy with God, leave the darkness and come into the Light.
    • God wants everyone to be saved—which is by knowing truth and grace.
    • Other __________.


  1. How might any of the above-stated lessons for Nicodemus also apply to you:
    • I don’t know Jesus that well, so I will …
    • The dark places in my life need God’s light for healing, so I pray God will …
    • I don’t consistently live by God’s truth and grace, so I will …
    • Some of my friends are Nicodemus types, so I will share …
    • Other __________.


Our Story       


  1. Who are the people (list them by name) that you might invite to journey with you in following Jesus? Praying over each name, quietly listen for God’s voice in making this selection.


  1. Pray over the next steps or lifelines that you and your group have discussed.