1. If you were to be selected for a special honor, what one thing would you like to be selected for?

    1. Looks—Sexiest man of the year.
    2. Brains—Jeopardy champion
    3. Most Interesting Character
    4. My special talent, or superpower:
    5. Other __________.


When Babylonia conquered Judah, among the prized catch was Daniel and his three companions. They were healthy, handsome and well educated in Jewish law. They would be indoctrinated in Babylonian language and culture for three years and then expected to serve. Daniel would go on to serve but would not be swayed by the attempted brainwashing.


God’s Story

Read Daniel 1: 1-21.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. Imagine that you’re a fellow prisoner listening in on the conversations between Daniel and the chief official. What are you thinking?

    1. Someone’s going to lose their head!
    2. Can’t wait to see what happens!
    3. Daniel’s either crazy or amazing!
    4. More room for the rest of us after Daniel’s gone.
    5. Other __________.

3. Play counselor for a minute. How would you describe Daniel’s attitude toward those who were imprisoning him?

    1. Cunning—he knew how to get his way.
    2. Gracious—he had to be strong to be that vulnerable.
    3. Faithful—he was not going to turn his back on God.
    4. Respectful—he understood they had a job to do.
    5. Other __________.

4. Daniel’s discipline was a result of his earlier training under Jewish law. How might that training have benefited him as he became immersed in Babylonian culture?

    1. He knew who he was in the midst of a strange culture.
    2. It gave him focus to interpret the king’s visions and dreams.
    3. The training gave him boldness to address those in authority.
    4. He would not be threatened by those who were different.
    5. Other _________.


5. What regular “discipline” have you found to be very helpful for you?

    1. My devotional/prayer life feeds my spirit.
    2. Physical therapy/exercise helped bring me healing.
    3. Weight training—it “pumps me up.”
    4. My diet makes me feel better about myself.
    5. Other __________.

6. How do you think Daniel would fit into your group at the coffee shop or brewery?

    1. He’d be one of the guys.
    2. We’d love to hear his stories.
    3. He’d better be able to take some ribbing.
    4. We’d want to hear about his greatest faith challenge.
    5. Other __________.

7. When was a time you felt you were in a place, or with a group where you did not belong? How did you respond?

    1. I kept quiet.
    2. I asked questions to understand them.
    3. I listened to hear what others were talking about.
    4. I tried to find a way out.
    5. Other __________.

8. As you look at your life, what is one characteristic in Daniel you would like to see in yourself—what do you need to be trained in?

Our Story

9. Declare to the group, the ONE step you’ll take this week, to begin training, to grow the character you described in the previous question.

10. If time allows, go around the group. Let each person name one characteristic you admire about each group member and how it encourages you. (If time is limited, let each person share a characteristic about the group member on their LEFT and how it encourages them.)

11. As you think about the challenges ahead of you, this week, how can this group help you in your “training”?

    1. Kick me in the __________.
    2. Keep speaking encouragement in my ear.
    3. Pray for me.
    4. Call or text me.
    5. Other __________.

Let the group facilitator close the meeting with a brief prayer of encouragement for the week ahead.