Recall a memorable family travel-and-gathering you attended. What moments stand out that make you cringe? Any that still make you laugh? Feel free to share one story or the other.



Genesis 11 retraces the genealogy from Shem (son of Noah) onward to Terah, father of Abram. Also, God has just scattered the nations all over the world who had come together at Babel to build a city and a name for themselves. God has a bigger and better idea: To bless all the peoples of the world through Abram. God is on the move, as is Abram and family, trusting the covenant promises of God.


God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Genesis 11:27-12:9. As you listen, picture the family, their relationships to one another, and to their homeland. Then imagine yourself hearing such powerful promises from God, direct from his lips.


Finding My Story in God’s Story

1. Picture yourself being uprooted. Moreover, you are blindly following some leader of the pack, with no concept of where you’re being led. What would you be thinking about your future?

  • I’m scared things will end badly, that I’m going to die in the desert.
  • I’m comfortable and settled in just fine where I am, thank you.
  • Hmmm…. this could be a great adventure, I’m ready come what will!
  • I’m skeptical and uncertain what will happen to me but hoping for the best.
  • Other __________.


2. Without fanfare, “The Lord had said to Abram, ‘Leave your country…’ (Genesis 12:1).” Putting yourself in Abram’s sandals, what is your first reaction?

  • With fear and trembling, I sense something historic and supernatural going on.
  • With doubt, I ask: Is this really God? Why speak to me, of all people?
  • Weird dream—going to put it behind me and carry on as before.
  • Humbled beyond belief, yet totally on board and eager to go!
  • Whoa! Way too much responsibility! Not for me!
  • Other _________.


3. Abram was 75 years old when asked to again uproot his entire family. But this time he’s following not his father but walking in faith wherever God leads. Think of your own faith status right now – how do you think you would respond?

  • Hoping – strongly hoping that this will turn out ok.
  • Seriously concerned about how the family will react.
  • Eager, striving forward at full speed!
  • Mixed feelings, wanting to believe, but harboring some doubt.
  • Other __________.


4. You’ve faithfully journeyed away from home, now living in a foreign territory. Once again, the God of all Creation appears to you, issuing an incredible 7-fold promise: “I will make you… I will bless you…” (Genesis 12:2-3). How do such promises impact you?

  • I’m bolstered in my faith; with God I can do anything!
  • I’m confused; I believe but help my unbelief!
  • Oh my! Let me count all the blessings upon me!
  • I’m curious: Just how will God secure this land for us?
  • Other __________.


5. Nomadic life consists of always moving on, never settling down anywhere permanent. So how do you envision God bringing this to pass?

  • God uses a crowbar of circumstances to leverage us off where we sit onto a new landing.
  • God, who owns it all, will declare eminent domain over the land he gives us.
  • God’s ways are very mysterious, so I cannot fathom them, yet I believe.
  • It’s always easier to steer a moving car, rather than a parked car—so also with us.
  • Other __________.


Our Story

6. From the outset, Abram was asked to embark for destinations unknown. In your spiritual life today, where do you sense God calling you to go—in terms of Christian service or relationships?

  • I have no clue!
  • It’s time to get serious about my relationship with Jesus.
  • Though I know where he wants me to go, I’m still scared and resisting.
  • The call from God is clear, and I am stepping out in faith NOW to do __________.
  • Other __________.


7. For you to enjoy friendship with God, as did Abram, what next steps will you take?

  • Already there, God and I speak often, I am obedient to his call.
  • I don’t read the bible much, my prayer life is sporadic. Our relationship needs work!
  • I read, I pray, but still feel ‘distant’ from God. Why?
  • Honestly, I’m not sure we have even met.
  • Other __________.


8. What next steps of faith or courage is God asking you to take this week?


9. To get going and get there, what lifelines could you use from family or your small group?


10. Prayer is one way we battle against an otherwise overpowering obstacle or opposition. How might prayer warriors, even your small group, join you in the power encounter you are facing? Close your time together in prayer for the next steps and lifelines you’ve identified.