1. Of all the weddings you’ve attended (yours doesn’t count if you’re married), which one stands out? What’s special about that one?


While dining at the home of a Pharisee, Jesus noticed the guests were jockeying for positions of honor (Luke 14:7). Jesus then tells a parable about a wedding feast where humility is honored and those who exalt themselves lose out. Jesus would have a different guest list altogether, inviting people who could never repay in quid pro quo (reciprocating) fashion (14:8-13). Jesus concludes with a word about “the resurrection of the righteous” (14:14). And that conjures up another image of dinner guests responding to God’s call to a common feast. Just how “common” this feast will be—who’s invited and who’s not—will stir up controversy.


God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Luke 14: 15-24, emphasizing the contrasting images at the table.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. As a guest at this table inhale a big lungful of air. Describe the smells that arrest you.

3. Recall the last wedding feast you attended. What most concerned you?

  • The guest list—looking for friends that I knew.
  • The food and drink—I wanted my fill.
  • The music—dancing all night is my thing.
  • The exit door—I didn’t want to be there.
  • My “plus one”—I wanted a romantic evening.
  • Other __________.

4. With some dinner invitations, “who shows up” is more important than “what is served.” Who is most noteworthy here, and why?

  • The banquet host—he has a never-ending guest list.
  • The servant—he has the unenviable task of monitoring that list.
  • The first guests invited—they made excuses, then got locked out.
  • The guests not invited at first—in the end, they came anyway.
  • Other __________.

5. In Jesus’ parable, who do you most identify with?

  • The “insiders”—the first ones invited; excuse-makers who were ultimately rejected.
  • The “outsiders”—the last ones invited, grateful for the invitation.

6. Jesus’ banquet story clarifies who’s in God’s kingdom—that is, how wildly inclusive his invitation is. How far afield will you go to invite people to consider God’s love?

  • I’ll round up some party crashers—the more the merrier.
  • I’ll try to expand my guest list—I struggle with being inclusive of all people.
  • I’ll not “compel” others—I’ll demonstrate God’s love by actions.
  • Hey, I didn’t get my invite—where and when is this party?
  • Other __________.

Our Story

7. What about this group of guys helps you to take your next step in sharing Jesus’ love with others?

8. How do you need this group’s support now, as you take your next step?

9. Go around the circle and have each group member complete the sentence as a way to affirm one another.

“I was inspired today when ____________ shared their story.
(It’s always fair to “Pass,” if you’d like.)

10. Go around the circle again to pray a one-sentence prayer (either silently or out loud) for the group member on your left.

Have someone from the group share this BLESSING to close the group meeting:

Friends, may you know God’s strength supporting you,

And God’s Spirit guiding you,

Go now to follow Jesus, this week.