1. When was the last time you lost something precious and went to extraordinary lengths to find it? What were you looking for, and were you successful?


God’s plan for His people is to be the King of all. As the era of Judges passed, the Hebrews rejected God’s plan as they insisted on choosing an earthly king. Samuel was charged by God to tell them what to expect from an earthly king. They would have to give up much, and God would no longer answer them. They refused to submit to God and insisted on having their way. How this king of theirs was selected is both a cautionary and an inspirational tale.


God’s Story

Have someone read aloud 1 Samuel 9:1-10:8. Or—as it is a long passage—have someone narrate, someone read Kish’s line, someone read Saul’s lines, a fourth person read the servant’s lines, a fifth read the girl’s lines, and a sixth Samuel’s lines, and a seventh be the voice of God (as from heaven).


Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. If you were a social-media influencer following Saul through this whole adventure, how would you describe all that is unfolding before your very eyes and ears? What is your emotional response in that moment of the BIG reveal?

3. Now put yourself in Saul’s sandals. How does it feel to be anointed like this and receive specific messages, as if from God?

  • Surprised or confused, as this has never happened to me.
  • Scared, as I might now be accountable for what I was told to do
  • Pleased or excited, as who wouldn’t what God’s attention?!
  • Empowered, as now I have authority I didn’t have before.
  • Other __________.

4. Next put yourself in the sandals of Samuel. How do you think it feels to anoint someone else for service?

5. Samuel heard directly from God. To and through whom do you think God chooses to speak today? (Any different than in OT times?)

  • God speaks only through priests, clergy, prophets, and televangelists.
  • God speaks to me through prayer, the Bible, and trusted friends.
  • God speaks only in dreams and supernatural visions.
  • Honestly, I don’t know, as I’ve never heard from God.
  • Other __________.

6. Saul was diligent in seeking a man of God to ask for direction and help. Where do you turn when seeking God’s direction? Who can speak to you for God?

  • It never occurs to me to go to God when I need to do something.
  • I wouldn’t know where to start to find such a person.
  • I prefer to go on my own by reading the Bible, before making decisions.
  • Everything I do is submitted to God and my accountability partner(s).
  • Other __________.

7. The anointing of Saul is a formal ceremony, complete with a rehearsal meal, invited guests, pomp & circumstance, symbols & proclamations, music & gifts, and anointing with oil. Prophetic and transformative signs would result when Holy Spirit descended on Saul. Why do you think the Bible includes all these details, and how might that apply to people appointed to ministry today?

  • I have no idea and have experienced nothing like this.
  • Religion was strictly ordered back then but doesn’t relate so well today.
  • Our “appointing/ordaining” services have similar traditions.
  • This special occasion was a turning point for Israel. I wish we had such special events.
  • Other __________.

Our Story

8. Saul looked for the missing animals and ended up as an honored guest of the prophet Samuel. God had a plan for Saul all along, far beyond his imagination or expectation. It was Saul’s willingness to finish the small task assigned by his father that positioned him to step into God’s plan. What will help you be more easily led, stay the course, and fit into God’s larger plan?

  • I am easily distracted and discouraged. I don’t know what I need.
  • Group encouragement and self-discipline for when I’m reluctant, resistant, or lazy!
  • I have a system in place that seems to do the job. My system is: ___________
  • Huh? Obey? No one has authority over me, I do what I like.
  • Other __________.

9. The Holy Spirit transforms Saul into “a different person” or “another man.” If this was you, what changes do you think God would want to make?

  • I’m “still in process,” waiting for God to initiate something BIG.
  • Instant focus: “Eat, Pray, Love” all the right things.
  • I would finally know my purpose and passion.
  • Bring it on, God, make me into __________.
  • Other __________.

10. How can our group help you this week, as you take the next steps in being more attentive to God’s direction?

Let each group member silently pray (all at the same time) “God bless ___________ (the person on their left). Then invite one person to pray a brief blessing for the group members to grow more attentive to God’s direction.