1. If married, how did you and your wife first meet? If not married, how would you go about seeking and finding a wife today?

    1. Fast 40 days and 40 nights and wait for a knock on my door.
    2. Create a business card to hand out stating: “Want to Marry Me?”
    3. Go online to shop and swipe on various mating websites.
    4. Pray and engage in the life of the church, expecting God’s provision.
    5. Other __________.


Isaac is fading in his old age and ready to pass on his blessing to the next generation. Rebekah helps her son Jacob deceive Isaac to successfully steal the blessing from Esau. Then Isaac instructs Jacob to go find a wife from the clan of his mother’s brother, Laban. Uncle Laban’s daughters—Rachel and Leah—are Jacob’s cousins. Isaac blesses Jacob, saying he will become the father of a nation and possess the land. On his journey, Jacob has a dream where the Lord tells him he would be given the land, have countless descendants, and all the people on earth would be blessed through his offspring.

God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Genesis 29:1-30.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. Jacob arrived at the well just before the beautiful daughter of Laban arrived. Do you think that was a coincidence, or God’s providence? Tell about a time when things seemed to line up perfectly for you.

3. If you have been married, do you think God had a hand in your betrothal? If you are not married, what do you think God has planned for your future?

4. In Jacob’s day it was customary to marry off the oldest first. In your “family court” how would you judge Laban for his actions?

    1. As a father it was his responsibility to follow customs no matter what it took.
    2. Sneaky – yes, but Laban knew no other man was likely to take Leah, so he did right.
    3. He absolutely should have told Jacob up front when he asked for Rachel in marriage.
    4. Having multiple wives was not uncommon, so what’s the harm?
    5. Other __________.

5. Laban deceived and cheated Jacob by sneaking Leah into the marital bed. Yet Jacob eventually went along and willingly worked for him for another seven years to earn Rachel’s hand in marriage. Think of a time when you were deceived or cheated: how did you respond?

    1. Eye for an eye—I got even.
    2. Never spoke to that person again.
    3. Talked it through and worked things out.
    4. Looked into what the Bible advised and tried to obey.
    5. Other __________.


6. Jacob loved Rachel more, leaving Leah to feel unloved. We often have favorites, but how should we treat those who are less favorite?

    1. I can’t help the way I feel about someone; it’s not my worry.
    2. If/when I think about it, I toss them an occasional bone.
    3. That “Love thy neighbor as thyself” stuff is only for the ‘saintly’ folks, not me.
    4. The Bible teaches me to avoid favoritism, and so I do not treat others differently.
    5. Other _________________.

7. Jacob received Rachel as his wife, then stayed to work another seven years fulfilling his commitment. This surely must have been a bitter pill to swallow for Jacob. Recall a time when you were true to your word even when doing so was not fair to you.

Our Story

8. Sometimes, I just feel like few people bother to do the right and just thing, choosing instead to do whatever they want. How can this group help each other stay the course, to act with integrity?

    1. Pray together.
    2. Share our burdens—honestly and candidly.
    3. Learn better ways to apply what the Bible teaches through
    4. All the above.
    5. Other ________________.

9. God had a plan for Jacob that included a wife from a specific family and promised a very prosperous future. If you are open to discovering God’s plan for your life, how are you going about that?

    1. I have no clue and don’t know what God plans for me right now.
    2. I’m reading the Bible and meditating on what is says.
    3. I’m praying and “listening” for God to put thoughts in my mind.
    4. I can’t do it alone; I need a group to study with.
    5. I think I need a mentor who can counsel me.
    6. Other _____________.

10. Pray for one another in your group, silently or out loud, regarding the “next step” you will take this week to stand strong, resist temptation, and have faith in God.