1. When was a time that you felt unstoppable? On fire? Hyper focused?


Saul was a “young Top Gun”—that is, an up & comer or hot shot in the Jewish hierarchy, looking to prove himself a loyal servant. He was a climber, an achiever, looking for authority and validation from the high priests. When Saul headed to Damascus, “The Way” was considered a sect of Judaism, even a cult, but something was going awry. Paul saw an opportunity to prove himself by stopping “The Way” before it gained too many followers.

God’s Story

Have someone read aloud Acts 9: 1-19.

Finding My Story in God’s Story

2. In your imagination put yourself on one of the horses traveling with Paul to Damascus. Use all your senses to experience this encounter with Jesus. What do you see, hear, touch, feel, and smell?

3. Likewise, do the same debrief as if you were Paul. What are you thinking and feeling? How would you explain what happened to passers-by, even to those traveling with you?

  • Bewilderment—How could this be? Where am I? Help, give me a hand!
  • Wonderment—amazing grace…. I once was blind but now I see.
  • Holy crap, what just happened? Nothing makes sense anymore.
  • Relief—guess I won’t be needing these arrest warrants.
  • I’m changed, but with my torturous background, who will vouch for me?
  • Other __________.

4. What made Saul so successful in his persecution of Jesus’ followers? What character traits do you share with him?

  • I too have a long list of accomplishments.
  • I too am ambitious and don’t give up easily.
  • I too am justice-minded, an enforcer of the law.
  • I still hate some groups with a God-given zeal.
  • I have a similar conversion story, wiping out my previous resumé.
  • Other ___________.

5. Jesus uses “shock and awe” (a flash of light from heaven) to get Saul’s attention, get him to stop his crusade, and begin to trust Jesus whom he had been persecuting. What would it take to get your attention, to get you to drop what you are doing and take on a different cause?

  • If I can see what’s involved, I can be enthusiastic about whatever I represent.
  • Only when I get still and quiet, alone somewhere, do I hear from God.
  • I only trust God when everything else I’ve tried fails.
  • I change only when hurting, as when hit with a 2×4 and knocked off my high horse.
  • Other ___________.

6. Jesus uses Ananias to gain Paul’s trust. Knowing what he had done to followers of Jesus, Ananias fears and dislikes Saul. Describe a time when you helped someone you feared or didn’t like. Why did you do it? And how did you successfully overcome that fear or hatred—or didn’t you?

7. When you first learn of someone you know or someone famous converting, (changing sides from strong opponent to avid follower), what is your typical reaction?

  • Suspicion—how can this be? What did they do with the guy I knew?
  • Worried—this could happen to me, so I better get out of here!
  • Quietly thank God that lives can be changed in incredible ways.
  • Eager to explore the past, read more and check out his story.
  • Tell others, spread the good news of one more in God’s kingdom!
  • Other __________.

Our Story

8. If you have your own turn-around story, will you BRIEFLY share it with the group. It need not be as dramatic as Paul’s. No lightning bolt, no high horse to fall off. Did a particular event, speaker, friend, or book play a role? (Choose One)

  • Event:
  • Speaker:
  • Friend:
  • Book(let) I read:
  • Other __________.
  • Hasn’t happened yet for me; not sure what is involved. I need an Ananias in my life. If so, “do not pass go” and instead go directly to the next question.

9. If you do not have a turnaround story, can you think of a time when “God” became more than just a word to you? Explain where you are on this spiritual journey.

  • Nope, God is just a word to me.
  • I have no idea how to answer the question.
  • An “Ananias-person” ____________________ helped me understand more.
  • I’m still looking to see where and how I fit into this God and Jesus thing.
  • Other __________.

10. As you discover needs in the group for post-conversion recovery and more healing, turn to one another and ask for an “Ananias” in your group pray for God’s healing touch for those who ask.