Gathering (choose either option)

  1. Without naming names, tell us about a friend or family member who you always thought of as the proverbial “BS artist.”


  1. When is the last time a doubt kept nagging you, even after seeing “proof”?



This famous Bible story is very “human” in tone and message. Thomas and his fellow disciples have just been traumatized. A man they loved, followed, and trusted had just been tried and executed. In the days after Jesus’ death, most were hiding out, figuring they’d be next to die —all except Thomas. He missed the “big reveal” when the risen Jesus appeared behind closed doors and showed them his wounds as tangible proof. Turns out, Thomas wanted that same first-person proof, not his fellow disciples’ second-hand account. It took a week, but he got it.


God’s Story

Have someone read aloud John 20: 24-31.


Finding My Story in God’s Story

  1. Put yourself in that room with the disciples. Imagine how you’d react to seeing your dear friend again, in the flesh. How would feel when given this special presentation of good news?


  1. Why do you suppose Thomas decided to go it alone after Jesus’ death, rather than hang with his buddies? How can you relate?
    • He had things to do and people to see — I’m busy, too.
    • He just needed a break for some “me” time — I don’t do this enough.
    • No need to hide, it’s a done deal — I’m moving on.
    • He just didn’t get the memo, an honest mistake we all make.
    • Other __________.


  1. What’s your default gut reaction when first getting news, good or bad?
    • Depends on the source — I don’t do hearsay.
    • I’m a trusting guy and tend to believe it.
    • I’m gonna need backup facts, no exceptions.
    • Other __________.


  1. If you were Thomas, how would you react to Jesus showing up, asking you to touch his wounds, and telling you to “stop doubting and believe”?
    • Just as Thomas did. I believe!
    • My spirit is fired up, but a little bit of doubt is healthy.
    • I’m still not sold.
    • Other __________.


  1. Jesus seems to call out Thomas as stubborn in his need for proof, then blesses all who can believe without seeing, the essence of faith. How does that make you feel?
    • I’m with Thomas, following Jesus but naturally skeptical.
    • Jesus still leaves room for doubt, and that’s OK.
    • I can “see” Jesus at work in my life all the time.
    • I have yet to have faith in anything I can’t see or feel.
    • Other __________.


  1. In John 20:31, the author says we “may have life in his name” by believing. What do you think he means by “life?”
    • I’m going to heaven, no question.
    • I’m free to love and help my fellow man as best I can.
    • Even when I’m going through doubt, Jesus has my back.
    • I have no clue.
    • Other __________.


Our Story


  1. Look into the eyes of the guys in your group. Do you see someone you could openly and safely share your own doubts? If not, who do you tend to lean on when you’re doubting yourself, your decisions, or your faith in God?
    • My spouse.
    • One or two close other friends.
    • A pastor or other faith leader.
    • No one in particular, I go it alone.
    • Other __________.


  1. Ask your group members to help you believe at those times when you can’t see.


  1. If you know of another “doubting Thomas” (someone going through a rough patch) pray for them. Take turns praying for those “not in the room”.