Now, more than ever, it is crucial to build and maintain life-giving relationships. Our relationships with others, and with God, are and essential part of our spirituality. Developing and deepening these relationships is at the core of the new Jesus Way curriculum from Disciples Men!

Greg Alexander, Director of Disciples Men, and Alex Ruth, Associate Director, are excited to announce the release of the first curriculum in The Jesus Way. This first curriculum for men’s ministry consists of 26 weekly lessons which create relationships among men and allow the participants to develop a robust spirituality as they follow the way of Jesus Christ. This downloadable curriculum is available currently through the Jesus Way website,

On the Jesus Way website there is also a podcast featuring Greg and Alex as they discuss the principles which guide the Jesus Way and talk with others about the importance of ministry to and with men in the church. The podcast episodes, along with the curriculum, provide insight into the “why” behind the Jesus Way and help church leaders develop a plan to start, or support, ministry with men in their congregation.

In the coming months more resources will be available through Disciples Men. Many of these studies will focus on scripture, and the stories it contains, as we examine what the Bible tells us about being a Christian man in the world today. The wide variety of materials will help Disciples Men groups at all stages, from newly formed to vibrant, to follow Jesus as we seek to be the men God is calling us to be.

Use Cases: Use this curriculum as a framework for your small group or for personal growth.