An article in the New York Times by Claire Miller


Summary: Who do boys look up to as role models? Oftentimes, boys look up to their fathers, sports heroes, actors, and musicians as role models. It’s important to ensure that boys are looking up to people who share and demonstrate the values that Jesus taught. This article discusses the difference in how society defines a “good man” vs. a “real man”.

Boys are already raised with two conflicting definitions of masculinity, Mr. Kimmel said. “If you were to ask men, Republican or Democrat or anywhere in between, what does it mean to be a good man, they’ll all tell you pretty much the same thing: honor, integrity, responsibility,” he said. “But ask what it means to be a real man, and we’re talking about never showing your feelings, never being weak, playing through pain, winning at all costs, getting rich, getting laid.”


Disclaimer: this article is not an endorsement to any political affiliation.


Use Case: Use this resource in a group setting to challenge each other about the definition of masculinity.


Speed Bumps: Some readers might have strong political views that prevent them for reading this article without becoming outraged.


Questions to Consider: Who do I think of when I think of the “manliness” person I know – Why do I view them as manly? What teachings of Jesus do I consider masculine and why?


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Picture by Travis Dove