A video from Time of Grace ministries.

SUMMARY: 30 years ago Pastor Mark Jeske was assigned to a dying old German congregation in a challenged part of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Through his leadership and the efforts of many, St. Marcus has been transformed to reach out to the community around them with a remarkably successful K-8 school and a richly blessed congregation and television ministry. Time of Grace is recorded at St. Marcus and broadcasts throughout the world.

God calls Christian men to be shelters for their families and for others who need help. Yet it’s not an easy role to play. There are many stressors in our lives today that can cause storms and trouble as we try to fulfill the plans God has for us.



USE CASES: Use it personally to learn more about what it means for a man to be a shelter for their families as a strong pillar of faith. Sit down with younger fathers to watch and then talk through what they heard.

SPEED BUMPS:  Some readers may have theological differences with the message. This video is a recording of a live keynote from 2015 and it’s in 2 parts.

ASSOCIATED RESOURCES:  Check out Time of Grace at http://www.timeofgrace.org 

Part 2 can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G91EdnH40Bo