A seminar by Seventh-day Adventist Church


Summary: Pornography use has become rampant across nearly all demographics. It doesn’t stop at the church doors, and it doesn’t stop at the doors of the family home. Silence and shame on this topic are no longer an option.

New Freedom to Love is a live, 5-part, church-sponsored seminar that opens the subject of pornography up for frank discussion. It provides an educational, holistic look at how pornography affects us bio-chemically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Why Recommended: This is a kit that is designed to help churches deal with pornography. The center of it is a 5 session video. It is honest and open. Helps us understand what porn does to us and how to deal with it.


Use Cases: Can be used by individuals men’s groups or couples to discuss pornography additions.


Questions to Consider: What is the one thing that is most difficult to share for you? Is it hard for you to deal with pornography?


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