A audio podcast by Tony Campelo

SUMMARY: In the early 1990s, Tony was speaking at a student conference and gave a keynote called “The Kingdom of Ticky Tack”.  Towards the end of the keynote, Tony challenges the audience to consider the difference between titles of power versus the testimonies of faithful men and women. 


USE CASES: Use it personally to be challenged to step out in your faith. Encourage a group to listen to it on their own and then meet to discuss it.

SPEED BUMPS:  Some readers may have theological differences with the message. This video is an audio recording of a live keynote from 1990 and it’s 30+ minutes

ASSOCIATED RESOURCES:  Check out Tony Campelo at http://tonycampolo.org 

May want to watch, “Defending Your Life” by Albert Brooks as the image of heaven that Tony rails against. Good energy and focus on essentials of the faith.  https://youtu.be/qYh-gE7y7Qw