A book by Dmitri Bilgere. Website and paperback book, free PDF download.

Through scripture, stories, examples and exercises “Gateways To God” reveals a pathway to live God’s love- not just as an idea, but as a living, breathing reality.
• Seek God’s love through your problems rather than in spite of them.
• Be made new again through Christ’s forgiveness rather than suffering about the past.
• Receive God’s grace into your life more fully and experience it flow into the world where you live.”

REVIEW: I have noticed I sometimes envy Christians whose relationship with God seems to be more experiential than mine. I long to connect with God the way, I assume, they do. I want to *feel* his presence and grace, not just accept them intellectually. I have imagined these “deeper” Christians were more well-versed in the Bible than I or were more articulate or regular in prayer or simply had been blessed with ears more attuned to God’s voice. I worked to be content with my drier, more academic relationship with God.

That’s why Dmitri Bilgere’s book was such a gift to me. Reading it, I was touched again and again by the surprising (to me) notion that a felt experience of God’s radical love is available to all. There’s no secret formula for tapping into the waters of His mercy that’s inaccessible to Christians of my humble pedigree. Rather, approaching Him through simple yet profound practices is enough to transform my sense of His presence in my life. “Gateways to God” is not merely another menu of prayer practices, however. Its insights are much deeper and more inspirational. – Review from Amazon

USE CASES: Read this independently for self study on more deeply connecting with God.  Read this as a small group or in with 1-2 other men to discuss what that deeper relationship might look like.

SPEED BUMPS: Some readers may not come from the same theological corner as the author, non-denominational. Parts of the resource can get very technical.

ASSOCIATED RESOURCES: Website and paperback book, free PDF download. http://gatewaystogod.com


Gateways to God