Walk and Pray for Our Communities – Prayer Man Go


Many people struggle with prayer thinking that it takes special training, knowing the right and holy words to say or being good enough to talk to God. This is a wrong mindset. Jesus gave us the ultimate example of a prayerful life. He prayed with his father at the thresholds of life before he faced extreme tests seeking to do his father’s will. Prayer is God’s gift to us. It is the only means of building links between our decaying world and his perfect kingdom that is coming. If we want to protect those we love from the arrows of this world aimed by our enemy, we must be in constant conversation with our creator. We must forget all the lofty expectations we have accepted about prayer and practice just talking to God and also asking him who needs our prayers.

This directive is intended as a starting point for short prayers to be written and shared by readers and contributors to this document. It has the parallel purpose of encouraging good health for its participants by giving them a meaningful reason to walk frequently. The steps to this work are:

  1. Choose one or two specific sites in the local community from the categories below as the destinations for the walk of the day.
  2. Select from the prayer examples below or write your own using the suggested themes and write or cut/paste them onto paper.
  3. Drop them off at each site during the walk trying to do this as anonymously as possible.

The hope is that the person finding the prayer will be blessed by knowing that someone is praying for them and that the prayer would become a part of their work.

Please share any original prayers that you have composed and check this blog for additions periodically.


Community Prayers – Idea Generator

Government – servant leadership, open ears, proactive consensus building, justice, safety, civility, community support, willingness to serve, gratitude for service and orderly community life

Schools – gratitude for teachers’ work and devotion, discovery of God-given gifts, promotion of becoming mutual benefactors to community, all work and skills can be valued, respect as a core value, disagree civilly, clear thinking, stewardship of self and natural resources, becoming a friend and community member, conflict resolution, respect for authority

Churches – places to repent, redeem, restore; acceptance, character building, promoting servanthood and stewardship, listening to God, sharing stories and spiritual journeys, connections between generations, encouraging one another, sharing grief, celebrating marriages, confirmations and baptisms

Businesses – fairness to customers and employees, honesty, balancing home and work, productivity, growth through profit, doing one’s best, charity, gratitude for purposeful work, safety

Places of recreation – safety, wholesome fun, health, gatherings for weddings, reunions and games, respect for shared resource, gratitude for quality of life, recognition of need for monetary support

Apartment buildings – patience, community building, respect, empathy, attentiveness and care for others, responsibility to others

Senior and Child Care Centers – Protection of the vulnerable, recognition of their value to community despite need for help, patience for workers.


Sample Prayers


Health & Rehab

We, the caregivers, declare our need for You, creator God, source of our lives and restorer of our strength to help others. We ask You today to keep us mindful of the value of those in our care. Give us patience to aid the fragile, the wounded and the clouded with gentleness. We are grateful for this calling to comfort the most vulnerable in our community and to live out our call to love one another as You love us. Amen, let it be so.

Auto Repair

Repairer of my soul, I am grateful for another day to use the skills You have given me to support my family and to keep others on the move. Give me a keen eye for shop safety and effective repairs. Strengthen my hands of service to others as a fair exchange for their money. Bless my customers through me. Amen, let it be so.

Funeral Services

Oh God, the only true comfort for our sorrows, fill me with Your kindness and grace. Help me be Your voice and ears to those calling on me today. Give me chosen words that touch their hearts and turn them to You. Help me to listen well for unspoken words that I may respond in the most loving way needed. May my guests leave here today with a sense of Your presence in their lives. Amen, let it be so.


Jesus, you had no place to lay your head, no place to call your earthly home. Thank you for my ability to help others see themselves in a better way when they look in the mirror. Let the gentleness of my hands and the warmth of voice point to your love and remind them that you gave up everything to show them their worth. Amen, let it be so.

City Rec Dept.

Creator God, we seek your guidance in our work. Help us find ways to excite our community about all the good things you have placed here in Columbus to benefit our minds and bodies. Help us create activities that bring joy to people as they see how playing and moving together is what you intended. May our work be a blessing to our community. Amen, let it be so.


Saving God, in who is our ultimate trust, we seek your guidance in helping our customers manage the money you have given them. Help us apply the wisdom of a loving parent to their decisions for saving, borrowing and giving this earthly tool of power. Help us be a bank that people see as trustworthy. Amen, let it be so.


Lord, You have promised that where two or more are gathered in Your name, you will be present. Open our hearts to Your presence felt deep within our earthly temples, our bodies, and the place we call our church home. Help us see the new hearts You have placed in those You have saved and to show our new hearts to those who are not, by what we say and do. Amen, let it be so.

Small Business – flooring

God of the earth on which we walk, remind us that each step we take begins because of You. May the floors we lay today keep our customers safe and make their journeys smooth. May the new bounce in their steps move up to their faces so that their smiles increase. Amen, let it be so.

Child Day Care

Lord of all, You said ‘let the little children come to me’. You said we should have a faith and simple trust like them. Help us love them like You do and let us learn trust from them and the simple faith you give. Amen, let it be so.

Insurance Office

Lord, restorer of our hearts, help us to serve our customers well who have trusted us to restore their property and livelihood when the world deals them harm. We acknowledge today that only you are fully trustworthy and loving. Let us be an example of your care to those we serve. Amen, let it be so

City Hall

Creator God, source of our lives, grant us the wisdom to protect and guide our city for the benefit of all. Give us insights on how to rule well, so that the freedom you give us will lead to mutual respect and care among the people living here. Bless our work this day as we carry out your command to safeguard our city from lawlessness and misuse of power. Amen, let it be so.

Public Middle School

God in the middle of our lives, we are grateful for your presence in our midst and seek your help to raise these children as precious gifts. We ask for your guidance and strength to lead them by example into becoming caring people. Give us discerning eyes and ears to recognize and foster the strengths you have given them. Amen, let it be so.

Parochial School

God of infinite grace and mercy, we seek Your hand in our work for Your kingdom. Help us be true examples of Your love to the children we teach. Let Your Word ring true in their hearts so that they follow You Son daily. Amen, let it be so.