A YouTube Video by Fuller Seminary

SUMMARY: Eugene Peterson, author of “The Message” and Bono made a video on the Psalms. In the 21-minute short film, the two recount the backstory of their friendship as well as engage in conversation about their common love of the Psalms. And, since Eugene Peterson has devoted much of his life to examining the profundity and interpreting the Psalms for the Message Bible, and Bono has brought the passion and depth of the Psalms to life for listeners of U2, there is arguably no pair better suited for the conversation. The film is produced by Fuller Theological Seminary’s Fuller Studio. Take time to watch it now. You’ll not regret it




USE CASES: Use it personally to learn about how two well known men proclaim their faith, through music and through writing. Use it as a group to introduce the study of the Psalms

SPEED BUMPS:  Some readers may have theological differences with The Message translation.

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