CHALLENGING a culture that supports violence against women and CULTIVATING healthy masculinity!


Summary: The General Commission on United Methodist Men has partnered with AMEND Together to create an eight-week group series in which men will learn to recognize, respond to, and prevent violence against women.

AMEND Together is an innovative, primary prevention initiative dedicated to ending violence against women and girls by engaging and educating men. It was started by YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee, operators of the largest domestic violence shelter in the state. Motivated by the fact that the shelter was consistently at capacity, and in response to the constant need for more shelter beds, AMEND Together was developed to prevent violence against women before it occurs.

How does it end?
“Good men” must play a critical role in creating a community where all women and girls are valued and safe. Extensive work by experts in gender violence prevention reveals that this is accomplished through education and mobilization. Only with the support and involvement of men and boys can the cycle of gender violence be eventually stop.




Questions to Consider: Can I make a change that will lead to a safer environment for women?


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