The Class Meeting: Reclaiming a Forgotten (and Essential) Small Group Experience

A book by Kevin Watson


Dr. Kevin Watson has written a fresh new guide to the theory and practice of the Wesley class meeting, an essential element of truly Wesleyan spirituality. This book is for clergy and congregations who are looking for ways to develop deeper discipleship. The class meeting is made workable without losing its essential dynmic as a gospel-based accountable community. Watson has resurrected the class meeting and given it new meaning, showing its relevance for the church today and how it may be a perfect means for church renewal.


Why Recommended:

These 8 chapters are clearly transformational and will guide you to begin a weekly discipleship group that can continue for decades.  In addition to this text, there are also 10-minute videos available, which are an excellent start for each of the 8 sessions.  The Class Meetings were an essential part of the early Methodist movement and reflects the core of John Wesley’s discipleship theology.