A book by John Roberto

SUMMARY: How can Christian congregations provide vibrant faith formation to address the spiritual and religious needs of all ages and generations over the next 10 years? How can churches envision the shape of faith formation in the year 2020 and design initiatives to respond proactively to the challenges and opportunities in the second decade of the 21st century? Churches across the United States are facing significant challenges in their efforts to provide vibrant faith formation for all ages and generations. The new environment in which Christian faith formation operates will demand new thinking and new models, practices, resources, and technologies to address the spiritual needs of all generations. This book guides churches in imagining new directions for faith formation and engages leaders in designing faith formation for the second decade of the 21st century. The book presents four scenarios for envisioning the future of faith formation with

  1. people of vibrant faith and active engagement in the church community
  2. people who participate occasionally but are not actively engaged or spiritually committed
  3. people who are spiritual but not religious
  4. people who are uninterested in the spiritual life and unaffiliated with religion

The book offers practical strategies, ideas, and resources for targeting the spiritual and religious needs of people in all four scenarios.

REVIEW: Based on the Robert Lewis materials and curriculum, Authentic Manhood has produced a professional and easy to use video curriculum that has five 6-volume series. In this first one, the 3 co-hosts invite watchers to discover what they call the definition of manhood.

USE CASES: Use it as a leader to vision for your organization. Read through it as a staff, allowing Roberto’s challenges to soak into the culture of your organization.

SPEED BUMPS:  The author proposes some ideas such as eliminating Sunday School and other structures that are ineffective. This may challenge many readers. Other readers may not like the 4 categories the author places people into.

ASSOCIATED RESOURCES: Check out free material at www.LifelongFaith.com