There are many members, but one body… 1 Corinthians 12:20


The Methodist shared how talking with a Lutheran helped him deal with issues in his ministry. The Pentecostal leader jumped up to share praise to God with some good news the Episcopal men’s leader shared about his ministry. A few minutes later, the Baptist leader was praying for that Charismatic as he shared concerns about his health. We share our life stories, our ministry stories, our dreams and hopes. There are tears and there is laughter. When we leave each other’s presence we are energized and equipped to meet the challenges of our lives.


When I gather with these diverse guys of I get a glimpse of what Heaven is going to be like. We have all been trained in our various traditions, and appreciate them. We come from different ethnicities, ages and traditions, and we bring different gifts, but we share our love of Jesus and passion to disciple men. We are hands and feet, fingers and toes – all connected through the heart of Jesus.


When you and I step beyond our little part of the body to see the whole, we get a glimpse of what God sees and what Heaven will be like. Anything we experience here is just a taste of what is to come!

-Doug Haugen, Lutheran Men in Mission


Prayer: Lord, thank you for giving us all different strengths so that it’s impossible to do it all on our own. Thank you for making one body from many different parts. Help me identify my strengths and sing your praise in everything that I do. Amen.