Evryman – Be The Man You Want To Be

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Summary: We can’t change what life brings. We can change how we respond. EVRYMAN is not about “finding yourself,” but “creating yourself” — understanding and acting productively on your emotions instead of burying or redirecting them, and thereby building a more … Continued

No One Fails on Purpose

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A Blog Post by Man in the Mirror Summary: No man fails on purpose, but no man succeeds by accident either. The Christian man succeeds because he has other men caring enough to intentionally disciple him. This article provides excellent insight into … Continued

The Tribes We Lead

A video by Seth Godin Summary:  In Ministry and in life, men’s leaders are struggling with how to get men connected. Entrepreneur Seth Godin explains how our world is desperate for tribes and something to belong to. Challenge status quo … Continued

Bond of Brothers

A Book By Wes Yoder SUMMARY:  Beyond the sports and weather chatter and silence that characterize many male conversations, there is often brokenness. Emptiness. Shame. Have you ever been pushed into a men’s group, because someone said it was the … Continued