Summary: We can’t change what life brings. We can change how we respond.

EVRYMAN is not about “finding yourself,” but “creating yourself” — understanding and acting productively on your emotions instead of burying or redirecting them, and thereby building a more fulfilling life. With the need for safe distancing, our online program gives you what you need now more than ever. It’s an interactive behavioral curriculum, not therapy or guru worship, and we invite you to experience it for yourself.

“For 30 years, I have explored how to support men so they could support each other. I got into men’s groups and men’s trainings because I needed training in how to improve my relationships. I quickly learned I wasn’t alone. That sent me on a journey to bring into men’s work principles and skills that could benefit men and their relationships.


To my amazement, not only were other men into what I was wanting—they also soaked up the ways we were developing our body of work. Three years ago, we formed EVRYMAN to take this work to more men. The response from the press and the men continue to inspire us to keep providing more to men.”


-Owen Marcus

Use Cases: A man gets to down-regulate his stress response by first hearing how other men are experiencing COVID-19. By having an opportunity to open up to share their feelings with a small group of men, they begin to leave their panic state. Now men are reporting back to us that their relationships are improving. It’s hard to have a good relationship when everyone is in a panic of survival.


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